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Chintan Gala

Embedded Product & Infotech Developer

Hi All, hope you all doing good!!!

Giving brief introduction about myself

Total 13-year experience as an Embedded product developer, involved in designing embedded systems and embedded software. area of expertise Design & Testing of Micro-Controller Hardware & Software, Interfacing the Micro-Controller with RF (Wireless) Circuits. C/C++ Embedded software development on RTOS platform, experience in low level driver implementation eg: USB, I2C, UART, CAN, ADC, DAC, PWM, Timers etc. Knowledge of IOT Protocol Stack (Wifi, Bluetooth,802.11.4, Lora,6LoPAN, MQTT,CoAP), TCP/IP, MODBUS & RF. Good Knowledge Of C#.Net ,Python,

Schematic Designing & Verification, Good Hardware Troubleshooting Experience, Interfacing of Different RF Products Such as Repeaters, Transmitter, and Amplifiers with microcontrollers

Application area: RF Product monitoring & control, IOT, Smart Meter.


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